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What we offer:

We specialize in providing luxury accommodation in Plettenberg bay during the festive season.

Our research shows that the stigma associated with the influx of matrics during Plett Rage normally prompt home owners to lock up their valuable assets during this extremely popular time, prior to the peak December holidays.


We see this as a massive missed opportunity!


Having experienced Plett Rage ourselves and having first hand experiences of the pitfalls and various types of matriculants who visit Plettenberg bay, we believe that we can eliminate the risks associated with your rental by:

1. Screening and carefully selecting students that fit the “Peace of mind ” profile, from a large client-base that consists of thousands of matric learners.
2. Offering daily cleaning services by our competent team.
3. Providing routine inspections on a daily basis to ensure compliance to the agreed contract.


Fact is: We take the RISK and HASSTLE out of your rental and offer you premium rental rates prior to the school holidays.

Our vision

To ensure that all home-owners have peace of mind during the week of their rental.


Our mission

To provide a platform and deliver a service where home-owners can feel at ease while renting out their homes for the duration of Plett Rage.

 Our Guarantee

 We pay premium rental fees, and sub-let to our chosen candidates.We guarantee your home in the same, pristine condition as it was prior to the rental.


Hajni Berko


I would like to highly  recommend Peace of Mind Accomodation. A new startup business that manages your property rental to Rage students. They screen the students and interview them and match them to your home. My flat was let out for the first time through them and their service to the students and the lessor was incredible. Property checks daily, cleaning every second day and ensuring the ragers were safe and cared for and they were the "go to" if the ragers needed anything. Parents had peace of mind for their kids and property owners too! I will definately work only through them for all rage  accomodation in future. I got my flat back in PRISTINE condition. Thank you! may their business grow with more  homes on their database.😊

Stewart (Home-owner)

Thanks to Bertie and Daneel of Peace of Mind Accommodation. I can highly recommend them for efficient and professional service and total 'Peace of Mind'.

Michelle Schreiber (Parent)

I am happy to do this review for Peace of Mind Accommodation.

It was hassle free and easy 

All questions were answered honestly and phone calls were always answered .

During the Rage week my children were met at the house and an orientation of the house and Plett was given.

My son needed assistance in the early hours the one day and within 30 minutes the issue was resolved.

The house was exactly as shown on the website.

This is not a fly by night or a chancer this is the real deal.

When my next child is ready for rage I will definitely remember the cellphone number.

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